Legal Advice bureau

1. We do provide professional legal advice in these law spheres:

2. Legal services

  • Registration , establishment of companies (Estonian and foreign companies)
  • Business licenses registration
  • Trademark registration
  • Legal opinion issue
  • Analysis of legal documents
  • Representation in court and before other state authorities
  • Debt collection
  • Internal review of the enterprise
  • Seminars and webinars on the legal matters
  • Official registers data inquiery 
  • Official Certificates, Official conclusion from state aurthorities request
  • Legalization and Apostille of documents
  • Verified translation of the official documents 

3. A separate direction of our activity is legal support for the activities of international companies, including non-resident companies.

  • Registration of international companies, foundations and trusts
  • Legal advice on international corporate affairs (registration, redomicile, liquidation of companies, preparation of constituent documents, amendment  of the Charter,  the appointment and recall of directors, owners, increase and decrease of the share capital, a change of contact details of the company and agent, preparation and analysis of the sales transactions of the company, shares, payment of dividends, etc.)
  • Analysis, verification and drafting of contracts in English, Russian, Estonian and German
  • International tax planning
  • Check the status and the legal analysis of the existing non-resident company
  • Registration with the tax authorities of a foreign state
  •  VAT and EORI numbers registration
  • Registration of a trademark
  • Obtaining certificates, certificates and official opinions of the state authorities of foreign states
  • Due Diligence procedure
  • Anti-money laundering (AML)

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