Companies formation

Law firm  Konfuzius Legal Advice OÜ is engaged in registration of companies around the world. Nowadays the most common jurisdictions are Singapore, United Kingdom, Estonia, Denmark, Hong Kong and Malta. 
We help our clients to choose the most appropriate jurisdiction for company's planned activity. When choosing a jurisdiction, we consider both economic and political components in this matter. 
In our view, prior to the registration the client should first pay attention whether the registrating company has a specialized license from the AML Authority, as the issued  license  indicates that the company meets the requirements of the legislator. After all, during the registration of the company the client provides not only private data about himself (under the AML requirements, Due Diligence procedure, KYC), but also data on the future company, bank account numbers, data about his partners, relatives, persons related to the company, as well as information constituting trade secret of the enterprise. 
In the case of use of nominee services in the structure  of the company, the risk to become a fraud target is rising sharply,  in this matter we strongly recomend to ask for professional legal advice, which can offer Konfuzius Legal Advice OÜ. 
We have extensive experience in this area and even if the client's company is not registered by us, we will provide legal advice. If necessary, we will check the status of a foreign enterprise, the structure of directors and owners, the status of the activity, a tax debt and other information realated to  the company. 

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